Consumer demand is driving explosive growth

“There is insatiable demand for our greenhouse produce. Our customers say they would buy 10 times the volume if we had it. Our issue is we can’t secure greenhouse space fast enough for us to grow to the scale that our customers want. For example, there are 17 Whole Foods stores in the Rocky Mountain region and we can hardly supply two to three stores!”
Alberto Aceves, Head Grower, Circle Fresh Farms
As the industry grows, well-trained employees will be in high demand

"Commercial-scale organic growing techniques are rarely taught in an educational setting, and the few commercial companies who understand how to grow organic food on a commercial scale often lock up their secrets by making employees sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. But we’re so passionate about making our country’s food healthier that we want to encourage the next generation of growers to know these techniques. The ultimate goal is for the Circle Fresh Institute to educate the next generation of farmers. Greenhouse growing will be an important part of our agricultural industry, in providing safe, nutritious food to the consumer.”
Richard Naha, CEO, Circle Fresh Farms

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